Follow-up and Aftercare

eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, outpatient, partial hospitalization program, River Centre ClinicOur treatment programs help those suffering from eating disorders to achieve sufficient symptom control and then to practice recovery skills until they become part of their everyday life. Aftercare and follow-up are critical aspects of treatment since the initial phase of treatment rarely is sufficient for total recovery.  We take aftercare very seriously and work closely with your home treatment team to develop a plan that assures continued progress after discharge.

The scientific literature clearly shows that complete recovery from an eating disorder is attainable, but studies also show that without proper treatment, the prospects for recovery are greatly reduced. Even though a person may have a sincere and determined desire to “do it on their own,” the research does not support this idea.  For some people, recovery remains elusive and they continue to have mild, moderate, or severe symptoms; however it is important for them to remain optimistic. We have seen people who have had chronic and debilitating eating disorders make a full recovery, but it is usually not an easy or quick process. With the right professional guidance and the proper level of care, it is definitely possible for people to learn to deal with life and all of its challenges without an eating disorder.One of the ways that you can learn about the outcome that can be achieved with proper treatment and appropriate aftercare is to visit our testimonial page to learn from the experiences of others. Testimonial Page

One example:

“10 years ago, I entered the River Centre as a scared, angry, and wholly emaciated 18 year old girl. … The staff welcomed me in with love and treated me with the utmost respect. Both staff and fellow patients provided me with the encouragement, determination, and tough love needed to successfully complete treatment and stay on the path toward recovery. I learned to love my body as is, and to express my pain, suffering and anger by communicating with others openly and honestly, not starve myself. Next month, I mark 10 years in recovery, and I am deeply blessed with a loving husband, a beautiful 18 month old son, and another baby on the way. I would not have this amazing life to live if not for the River Centre. Thank you!“